• Suitable for three-dimensional swivel and rotation movements
  • Ideal for a long service life of the cables:
    – The bending radius does not fall below the minimum when using protectors
    – The cables can be separated in three chambers
  • Also ideal for turntables
Opens inward/outward
Covered cable carrier
Quiet running/low noise
ROBOTRAX system Features 1
ROBOTRAX system Features 2
ROBOTRAX system Features 3
ROBOTRAX system Features 4

Chain links single part

The basic structure of ROBOTRAX® consists of plastic links. These have spherical snap-on connections on both sides. This allows the individual links to be snapped together to form a cable carrier. 

Protectors ensure that the bending radius does not fall below the minimum in any direction. The links can be rotated in the radial direction (see table values). The cables can be separated in three chambers.

ROBOTRAX system Chain links

Chain links with crossbars

The basic construction is similar to the ROBOTRAX® types with single part design. Swiveling crossbars with snap locks make it easy to open and safely close the cable carrier. In addition, the three chambers can be divided horizontally and vertically by a divider module for precisely separating cables and hoses.

ROBOTRAX system Chain links with crossbars

Mounting kit

Fast movements of the robot arms generate high accelerations and therefore high tensile forces on the cable carrier. To transfer these tensile forces, ROBOTRAX® has a hole at the center of each chain link through which the steel cable is pulled. This steel cable takes on the function of force transmission.

The steel cable is fixed with a clamping piece on one side. ROBOTRAX® permits accelerations up to 10 g.

The clamping piece can be used to easily set the chain links to the desired tension and adjust them at any time.

Long service life of the cables and hoses: 
The forces are primarily transmitted by the cable carrier and not by cables and hoses.    

The mounting set consists of steel cable, clamping and tension piece for up to 5 m cable carrier length.

ROBOTRAX system chucking device

Quick-release brackets

The ROBOTRAX® is fixed and continued with quick-release brackets which are attached with screws. The quick-release brackets fit on any chain link of the respective size. This means the fixing points can be individually adjusted to the motion sequence.

Hinged plug:
Simply unlock, pull out and open the quick-release bracket without tools.

Locking bolt:
100% recyclable, cost-effective locking bolt, optimized for installation space and environment. The bolt can be assembled and disassembled without tools.

ROBOTRAX system quick opening

Heat shield/protective cover

Heat shield: The heat shield made from aluminum-coated textile fibers protects the ROBOTRAX® system and inserted cables against flying sparks, weld spatter and radiated heat.

Protective cover: The protective cover made from coated polyester protects against aggressive cutting fluids, hydraulic oils, fine dust and paint spatter.

ROBOTRAX system Heat shield

Strain relief for cable ties

(available for all types)
For secure fixing of the cables. 

The strain relief can be used on either end.

ROBOTRAX system strain relief

Strain relief LFR

(for types R075, R085, R100 and R140X)
Secure cable fixing, gentle on the cables.

Multi-layer cable fixing is also possible with double and triple LineFix® clamps. Several systems can be installed in sequence.

ROBOTRAX system strain relief LFR

PBU pull back unit

(for types R040, R056, R075, R085 and R100)

PBU: With fast movement sequences and large work envelopes, the relatively long carriers knock against the robot arm. The repeated impact significantly reduces the service life of the cable carrier and the cables within, and the entire system can fail. Downtimes cause high costs and problems in the manufacturing process – so they have to be avoided.

  • Compact design: fewer interfering contours and lower risk of collision
  • Maximum flexibility for cable carrier routing
  • No maintenance on the retraction element required
  • Standard mounting for KUKA, ABB and FANUC

PBU is available for new robots, regardless of size, manufacturer, type or application, as well as retrofits and upgrades for existing workcells. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or upside down. The extension length of the LSH 3 is 350 mm.



The service life of the cable carriers and cables is significantly reduced by impact during fast movement sequences and in large work envelopes. The Protector protects the cable carrier against hard impacts, excessive abrasion and premature wear, while also acting as a limitation for the smallest bending radius. Downtimes are minimized. Not the entire cable carrier has to be replaced, but only the Protector in some cases.

ROBOTRAX system Protector

Turntable for quick-release bracket

One additional degree of freedom on the attachments points. When mounted on a turntable, the quick-release bracket can rotate as well, to offer increased flexibility during complex robot movements.

ROBOTRAX system quick-release bracket

Coil spring for quick-release bracket

If the quick-release bracket is mounted on a coil spring, it can move elastically in all directions, deflect in 3 dimensions and spring back.

ROBOTRAX system Coil spring for quick-release bracket 1