Floating Moving Device

Optimum transfer of cables

Floating Moving Device (TKFMD) – To compensate for lateral offset in cable carriers

A flexible driver connection is required to ensure guiding of the cable carrier without transverse forces in applications with increased lateral offset. The connection has to ensure a relative movement between the connection of the cable carrier system and the system driver.


  • Tolerance compensation:
    • Horizontal: min. +/- 30 mm, vertical: min. +/- 20 mm
    • Inaccuracies in channel alignment/manufacturing/assembly are compensated
  • Continued cable routing
    No threading or passing through of the tail lengths required
  • Wear
    • Wear reduced to a minimum
    • Roller-guided system in connection with all TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP guide channels
  • Material
    Stainless steel/aluminum, or painted to customer specifications
  • Easy installation
    The cable carrier system has two defined mounting assemblies for easy installation of cables and hoses
  • Cable routing
    The protected continued cable routing in the Floating Moving Device corresponds to the inner height of the cable carrier
  • Strain relief
    Easy access and assembly with LineFix clamps for strain relief
  • Standard connection dimensions
    • For horizontal and vertical connection including GO module (friction-optimized for low wear)

Relevant factors

  • Guiding without transverse forces:
    • protects the cable carrier
    • minimizes costs through reduced downtimes
    • reduces defects/malfunctions/damage
  • The compensation of the parallel error between the system and the cable carrier is ensured
  • Easy maintenance/disassembly, if necessary
  • Easy retrofitting on an opposite-arrangement system
  • Easy connection options
  • System reliability and availability
Floating moving device Decision criteria


Floating moving device One sided arrangement

Single-sided arrangement

Floating moving device Opposite arrangement

Opposite arrangement

Suitable for:
TypeInner width Bi
M0950 130 – 500
M1250 150 – 800
M1300 140 – 500
TKHD90 140 – 500

* Additional inner widths on request.