Steel band covers

To protect the cables against flying sparks, radiated heat and small chips, steel band covers made from corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant spring band steel are available.

  • Cost-effective cover variant for half-stayed version
  • Maximum steel band width: 1000 mm
Steel band covers mount
Guiding of the steel band:

with steel band holders on the inside of the side band

Fastening of the steel band:

Inside: with steel band holders on the end connectors
Outside: with the fastening screws of the end connectors

Dimensions table
TypeSteel band length [mm] Steel band width [mm]
Outer steel bandInner steel band
S/SX 0650Lk + 280Lk + 130Bk – 22
S/SX 0950Lk + 360Lk + 150Bk – 27
S/SX 1250Lk + 470Lk + 170Bk – 34
S/SX 1800Lk + 640Lk + 200Bk – 40
S/SX 2500Lk + 945Lk + 255Bk – 46

Steel band covers for the other types on request!

Steel band cover Holder sidebands

Steel band holder on the sidebands.

Steel band cover Connection corner 1

Fastening on the cable carrier connection with special end connector.

Steel band cover Connection corner 2